Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nice. Very Nice!

A few weeks ago I visited my local yarn dealer. And I've been ambivalent to the shop in many ways, but mostly not feeling they could help me find the type of yarn I was looking for when I didn't know exactly what I needed. Like when I was looking for a yarn to knit a scarf to mu sister-in-law. Now, I know it might not be too easy to figure out what the customer needs when it has to be warm but not itchy. I ended up bying BabySilk somewhere else.
But I digress. Back to my LYS: I drop by there every once in a while - just to have a little peek at the yarn. And perhaps buy some.
They've got Noro-yarn in the shop now. I discovered it. Fondled a skein and talked to one of them about it and then asked the price. "Oh, my, it is VERY expencive! Well, I'm not supposed to say such things you know, but it IS costly. Let me see..." I did not take offense from her comment. I already knew this was going to hurt my wallet, so I was not surprised at the price. And the lady was so much fun and so sweet - how could I possibly take offense? (To be honest I think she was trying to dampen the blow - I guess a lot of customers would be outraged at the price.)
Well. I bought two skeins. Now I have enjoyed knitting two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Lite into a scarf. A very lovely scarf and a very nice experience. Nice colourchanges. Nice yarn. Nice, nice and once again: Nice.

I think that this is an activity I must repeat. Oh yes. :-)
In Norwegian Please!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is coming

I went for a walk last weekend with my terrier, and this little fella - not more than two centimeters tall - stood almost hidden along the road. We nearly passed him, my dog and I, 'cause it was such a tiny, tiny little speck of color. Luckily I didn't - and managed to get a nearly decent picture taken with my cellphone camera. This is a promise of what is to come. We cannot yet see it in our garden - there's too much snow - but now we know! Colours, flowers, sun and lovely summer days will be here. We just have to see spring come and go first. No more walking the dog on icy roads - and we both look forward to it!

In Norwegian Please!

Friday, April 3, 2009

You are GREAT!

In Norwegian Please!

Enjoy this short movie - it is a little gem...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scarves knitted and given away

In Norwegian Please!

Here's some of the things I knitted for Christmas during the last year: Scarves!

I chose different yarns for my sister-in-laws. The first scarf was knitted in Faerytale. A rather nice and quick knit. (Pattern used for both scarves: Garnstudios 98-18)

The next one demanded a new yarn since my next sister-in-law has problems using knits with fibers sticking out. I found out that I'd give Babysilk a try. A more challenging knit this time - but eventually and after a couple of times unraveling the project I managed to get there.

Both scarves have been in extended use I've been told.

These are the scarves I knitted for my brothers. The pattern used is Wedgie by Vyvyan Neel.
Both scarves knitted with Sandnes Garn Alpakka. I hope that my brothers will make use of the scarves, but I'm not absolutely sure.

I enjoyed knitting these as well - and I think I might knit a scarf or two more before I get fed up with it. :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009


In Norwegian Please!

During the fall and winter last year, I didn't knit much besides the planned Christmasgifts. But I had to have something different every now and then, so some socks started.

And the nice thing about Ravelry is that I can easily find another nice pattern to try out. With quite a few skeins of Mor Aase-yarn, I only have to make sure the pattern won't result in gigantic socks when I knit with Mor Aase.

These socks are knitted in Brigid pattern. They turned out to be a wee bit big, so I had to give them away. They became part of a birthdaypresent for a friend of mine.

I will kit these again - in a solid color and perhaps with another repetition of the cable. It was a fun project to do - although I at times was frustrated when I lost track of where I was in the pattern... Loved that too, actually...

These are Jaywalkers. My orange jaywalkers.
I thought I'd read the pattern carefully and understood the way to get the zig-zag, but since I had to unravel the darn thing three times, I realized I had not. When I finally figured out my mistake - these were easypeasy. And they're mine - all mine!
They're knitted in Fabel and I managed to make them pretty much alike, didn't I?

Another sock-pattern I'll be knitting once more - and perhaps this one also in solids. But if I'm to knit the socks for my self, I'll shorten the leg somewhat.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I needed a new hat.

In Norwegian Please!

So I knitted a complete set - hat, neckvarmer and mittens.

The pattern used is Happy Knittings Princess Quite Certainly Not, and the yarn is Hifa Trollgarn in light and dark green.
I did not crochet the devilhorns in front of the hat, and the hat is fust a wee bit too big. I have thought of felting it a little bit to make it smaller, but after walking the dog yesterday I decided against it. It was very, very nice to be able to pull the hat a bit down in the front because it was absolutely freezing outside. I might have to line it with fleece or something though - the wind blew right through.

The neckwarmer and mittens I have used every day since the set was finished.

All in all - this was a very successful project. I'll use it a lot, and I even got a giftwish for a similar set from my sister-in-law. Only in beige and brown she said.

Friday, January 2, 2009


In Norwegian Please!

This is a sweater I started on a loooooong time ago. In 1994 to be correct, so I can safely say it's from another century.
At that time it was meant to be fo my partner. Well, we split up and he's not the love of my life - thank God!! - but the sweater is still here. And it was not much work left I thought when I dug it out from underneath all my other projects. Only... that bit with the hearts in it... I was a bit too tight with the yarn there, so it kind of pulled together there... And after debating with my self (and my mother a bit too) I decided to rip it out and start over again. The hearts needed another chance to be correct.
So I did. I unravelled it and then I finished the last sleeve before once again knitting on the body of the sweater.

I do not know when I'll be done, but I'm in the process of knitting this again.